Brand Standards

A local advertising agency designs show logos and a select number of assets to accompany each show logo for La Crosse Community Theatre.

Agency designed assets

After taking over the creation of in-house marketing pieces, I asked a simple question that transformed the visual look of marketing pieces designed in-house: can I get the design files? By asking the agency for the design files, I was able to create a consistent look across marketing pieces.

In-House Designed Assets

Marketing pieces designed without the design files are on the left and the pieces I designed with the design files are on the right.

The postcards had the biggest transformation. Not only was I able to update the look and feel to match the show posters from the agency, I figured out how to personalize the postcards on the multi-function printer in the office utilizing the Data Merge panel in InDesign.

Access to the design files meant I could match colors and fonts.