After conquering many challenges, I am ready to explore a new opportunity with an innovative company. With over ten years of experience in marketing, design, and brand management and a desire to dive into something new, I am determined to make an impact by listening to user problems and offering creative solutions.


My marketing experience has been split between being a marketing team member and as the marketing leader. I learned a lot from both experiences and look forward to combining the lessons I learned in my next role.

During my time as a marketing designer on the marketing team, I learned the power and value of collaboration and teamwork. I had the opportunity to work on a product launch campaign for a new-to-the-world product. It was a highly collaborative process with each team member contributing and helping to shape the final campaign. Over five years later, I still vividly remember the brainstorm meeting where the message for the campaign was shaped. One person tossed out an idea and the rest of the team slowly tweaked the message to shape it into the final campaign.

As the marketing director at a nonprofit organization, I have been the leader in taking the marketing plans from fly by the seat of our pants, to a year-long coordinated plan that was print-first, and in the past year to a digital-first plan. Each year I work with the Board of Directors marketing committee to review the marketing strategy and make adjustments to ensure it is in alignment with the organization’s strategic plans.

Graphic Design

Each of my professional roles has included an element of design. Whether it was a daily element or an occasional element, it has been a constant in my career. I have spent time designing product packaging for a manufacturing company, catalogs and direct mail pieces for a publishing company, and show programs, personalized postcards, and digital ads for a community theatre. Each role pushed me to apply my skills in new ways as well as master new ones.

Project Management

Over the past few years, I have become the unofficial project manager at my current organization. I am responsible for setting project timelines, assigning tasks to team members, and coordinate with outside vendors when necessary. It has been a surprisingly fun addition to my regular job duties.


Although photography is mainly a hobby of mine, I do have experience coordinating, setting up, and executing photo shoots. My favorite type of photography is nature photography. Professionally, live theatre photography has pushed my abilities the most—there are no second chances to capture moments in live theatre.