Guided Tour

Annually the community theatre where I am the marketing director, leads one or two theatre tour trips to different locations around the country. For the past several years, patrons had been asking about the possibility of seeing Hamilton: An American Musical in New York City. When the opportunity arose to purchase group tickets to see the show in Chicago, Illinois, before going ahead with booking and planning a trip market research was conducted by sending out a survey to the internal group travel marketing list.

After an overwhelmingly positive response to the survey, planning commenced for a four-day trip to see Hamilton: An American Musical in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to the announcement of the trip, a landing page was created for the organization’s website.

The trip was announced via e-campaign several days prior to the registration window opening.

Once registration opened, the tour was supported with additional marketing on social media, with a web graphic on the website, digital TV displays in the building lobby, a tri-fold brochure, and a print advertisement in the holiday show program.

The first bus for 50 people sold out in less than six hours. A second bus was sold out in less than a week.